S.I.N. all the damn time

12:30 am , Dick comes into the bar and orders 4 Old Germans. I ask who the other 3 are for and he gets belligerent and says 4 is standard and people don't usually question his authority. His friend arrives and pays for 2 and was informed they would receive no more. Dick goes off on Deb and then runs in and out of the poolroom and throws a can of beer at the back of the bar (hitting nothing) then runs out of the building screaming random silly insults. During this same time 2 young men walk in and go straight to the poolroom and tried to pass themselves off as 2 other guys we had already carded, sorry dudes not all black people look alike. Now 2 pool balls are missing, WTF?

Luan was spotted on the patio, Meg was kind enough to tell him to get the fuck out
86'd a lesbian who tried to steal our virgin Mary statue, she called Pat a faggot as she left. Oh the irony...

2 folks decided it would be brilliant to spray the photo booth with mustard and catsup, when called it the phrase "dumb bitch " happened a lot we let the dirty Morrissey haired fuck and his bitch friend with the camel toe shorts not to return.
Fun times at the bar

2007 -Colin tells me there is a girl crying on the floor in the back room, yep she's on drugs- Good times...Next best part is her boyfriend is also tripping balls, great. Between the 3 of us we called them a cab, carried them to it and sent it to the hospital.

11/17/07 :   3 folks come in and the guy ordering is wasted but he's only buying for the ones that are cool.  He thinks it's cool to graze at the the garnish tray, a regular who is also in service calls him out, they argue. I tell douche boy to leave my good customer alone and my regular is right, get your fecal fingers away from my tray. Next thing I tell his friends to drink up and go, at this point I am pulling drinks. Patience is done, I let him know he has 2 choices : give it up or wear it. He chose unwisely and even with his death grip I poured the beer down his crotch. End of story , he called us fag hipster and declared a jihad on us.GO small business, thanks for your support

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